Lady Gaga made the rounds in India over the weekend; while dishing about a variety of topics, such as Hindi words, the concept of being reborn (this way) and what she plans to do while in India, she revealed that she directed the forthcoming video for 'Marry the Night.'

While Gaga shared the directorial credit for 'Judas' with her creative guru Laurieann Gibson, this is the first time she's lensed a video all by her motherly and monsterly self. If that doesn't ramp up more excitement for the clip, nothing will.

"I can share exclusively with you that I directed this video myself and it's my first directorial debut," Gaga told NDTV, while wearing an all-black ensemble accessorized with sunglasses and a massive, bow-shaped topper. "I also have a special that's coming out in America around Thanksgiving which I am excited for you all to see … I look forward to sharing my autobiographical video with the world. It's my favorite song on the record."

'Marry the Night' is essentially Gaga's love letter to her native New York City and she shot the clip in and around her hometown and its surrounding boros. The premiere date has yet to be determined.

Other interesting points of her conversation with NDTV included her idea that you can be reborn in this lifetime and as many times as you like. Gaga also said she has no plans to make a Bollywood film, but she loves the culture. While in India, she has more interest in meeting fans (and hugging them) in the local areas, as opposed to being a tourist. And she has plans to be philanthropic, too! "I am going to go to any normal places where people go to eat and hang out, and I will go to a few orphanages while I am here. I want to meet people, but not necessarily go sight seeing. That would take quite a bit of time," Gaga said.

Gaga will be a woman of the people while in India.

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