Lady Gaga revealed during a radio interview in Cleveland earlier this week that she voted for Barack Obama. It's interesting that Ma Monster called into Cleveland, a city located in Ohio, which is a swing state crucial to the election for its electoral votes. So Gaga speaking directly to the youth could certainly influence them, and ultimately have an impact on the election. Calling Ohio was no coincidence.

"I am particularly passionate about the youth in our country," Gaga said about why she is encouraging everyone to vote. "I am reminding everyone in Cleveland that it's important that you vote." She pretty much said that if you don't vote, then it's not a democracy that we live in. It's a kingdom. She's right about that.

Gaga shared that she sent an absentee ballot, since she is on tour, and that she voted for Obama. She delved into Mitt Romney's campaign and his past, since wanted to make an informed decision. So she didn't vote for Barry O. because he once said that both she and her heels are intimidating. She voted for him because she believes in how he interprets the Constitution.

Regarding her decision not to vote for Republican candidate Romney, she said, "He lacks a certain amount of compassion that America needs, especially young people. He doesn't believe that gay couples should be able to have children and this is something I feel strongly about."

Her godson Zachary has two dads – Elton John and David Furnish. So she is very much a supporter of this social construct since she has first-hand experience with it.

Gaga also reiterated, "When you vote, you are represented as a valued and important member of society." She also espoused that she wants strong, healthy young people to inherit the country and economy, and voting ensures their health on all levels.

She did not judge anyone who is voting opposite of her, saying that no matter who wins, she will remain passionate and fight the good fight for what she believes in. She said everyone should vote, regardless of candidate choice.

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