Polarizing chanteuse Lana Del Rey has come under fire for a lot: her 'Saturday Night Live' performance, her alleged prefabricated image, her puffy lips. Through it all, she's maintained that she's just a regular girl. In a new interview with the Sun, the 'Video Games' singer reveals what keeps her grounded -- and why, if you're nice to her at a show, you may go home that night with a full stomach and a smile.

Del Rey insists that she still lives her day-to-day life in New York City like anyone else. "I still walk down the street and do my thing, run around, get everything, I'll run my errands and stuff like that," she said.

This isn't to say that she doesn't get stopped on the street by strangers. "In California and London I'm getting recognized more and more," Del Rey revealed. "It's usually really friendly exchanges — someone will just say, 'Is it you?' And I usually just say, 'Yes'. Then we just end up talking and being friends. I've ended up being friends with lots of fans I've met." So sweet! We love artists who appreciate and are warm with their supporters. But LDR takes it even further than the usual handshake and photo.

"I've had dinners and stuff like that in New York," Del Rey said. Dinner with a pop star? Sign us up!

The artist formerly known as Lizzy Grant admits her fans have kept her both sane and grounded throughout her meteoric rise to fame. "It's sweet though," she said. "Once a week I get online with my webcam, with my fans. I think it's just because they've been the only thing that was consistent," she admits. "Everything else has gone so up and down, there are people that have been there for years, so we just check in with each other. It's really funny. I've been talking to two girls in Germany for years."

While impressive, Del Rey's down-to-earth attitude shouldn't be too surprising. After all, this is a girl who still babysits when she's home!