If you're a huge Lana Del Rey fan who lives anywhere outside of West Palm Beach, Florida, you should probably consider moving. Not only did she play "Florida Kilos" live for the first time ever during her recent show there, but she also debuted the brand new song "Honeymoon" that night, which is like pouring acid into our wounds as we were unable to attend.

The West Palm Beach date was the final stop on Lana's Endless Summer Tour, so maybe that's why she pulled out an Ultraviolence deep cut and debuted a brand new track all within the same set. Perhaps she has a special appreciation for her Floridian fans, or maybe the oppressive humidity drove her to do it.

The track itself sees Lana at her signature saddest, mournfully lamenting, "We both know it's not fashionable to love me / But you don't go 'cause truthfully there's nobody but you for me / We could cruise to the blues / Wilshire Boulevard if we choose / Whatever you wanna do / we make the rules."

She then launches into the chorus, a repetition of the two words, "Our honeymoon." This also happens to be the exact moment the crowd realizes they're being treated to the live debut of a brand new track, and everything is suddenly shrill.

It should be noted that Lana did not perform the track in its entirety, but hopefully she'll release a studio version soon. In the meantime, we'll keep poring over the lyrics and video snippet she shared on Instagram a few days ago.