Lana Del Rey is releasing yet another single and video, this time for 'Ride.' The artwork hit the web today (Sept. 23), and, as usual, the starlet looks stunning.

On the 'Ride' single cover, a dark brunette Del Rey is on a tire swing, sporting short shorts, an acid-washed denim jacket and cowboy boots. It's unclear from what the tire swing actually hangs, as there are no trees in the desert mountain shot, but it likely matches up with the video theme. Rumor has it the video's being shot in the Las Vegas Valley of Fire, featuring biker-style guys and a lot of motorcycles.

In addition to leaked art, three unreleased LDR songs have also emerged. 'Boarding School' has a 1960s vibe and describes, in vivid detail, Del Rey's past alcohol and drug use -- she even describes "smoking crack in the back." To say it's as dark as her new hair color is an understatement, but the tune and melody are actually laidback and fun, which makes the track all the more intriguing and effective. It perfectly encompasses the "gangsta Nancy Sinatra" Del Rey longs to embody.

On 'Fake Diamonds,' an ode to a superficial lover, Del Rey's typically understated vocals are louder than usual alongside a piano-heavy arrangement. The hook isn't as immediately catchy as the taunting chant of 'Boarding School,' but it's more melodic and a pleasant listen.

'Velvet Crowbar' has a vintage feel to it as well, comparing and contrasting a lover to vice, telling him, "I was addicted to you / I didn't know it / You were addicted to booze / You didn't show it." Her vocals aren't as strong as, well, a crowbar, velvet or otherwise on this track.

The trifecta of tracks are only the most recent in a long series of leaks, most recently preceded by 'Backfire.' It's unclear whether these songs will appear on her 'Born to Die: Paradise Edition,' but we're sure fans will eat these up regardless.

Listen to Lana Del Rey, 'Boarding School'

Listen to Lana Del Rey, 'Velvet Crowbar'

Listen to Lana Del Rey, 'Fake Diamonds'