It's been a rough few days for One Direction. Between Louis Tomlinson announcing his breakup with longterm girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, cheating rumors surrounding Zayn Malik, Zayn's departure from the band's current On the Road Again Tour and even rumors that Zayn is trying to find a legal loophole that'll enable him to leave the band (ummm, no thanks), being a Directioner has never been tougher. And now it looks like Liam Payne, aka Daddy Direction if the boys were to have Spice Girls-esque monikers, has incited rage from countless Beliebers after he made a joke referencing Justin Bieber's past arrests. Yikes!

To be fair, Liam was prompted by a Belieber who tweeted, "Isn't it kind depressing for you to know that Justin Bieber will always be more successful than you?" Ouch. He responded with, "how many times have I been arrested." Double ouch.

Shortly after Liam's tweet, Beliebers flooded his mentions in an attempt to defend their fave. Both Liam Payne and #LIAMHASNOCHILL were trending on Twitter within minutes, because that's just how quickly Directioners and Beliebers work. If the two groups would only join forces for that sake of good, we're pretty sure they could take over the entire universe if they really wanted to. Such is their power.

Liam went on to assuage fans that he didn't mean anything by the tweets, telling fans to calm down. He tweeted, "Some people can't take a joke ... Bit of banter guys chill out." As someone with a fanbase whose level of intensity and devotion nearly matches those of Beliebers, Liam probably should've seen this one coming.

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