Lil Wayne brought everybody to their feet at the 2014 BET Awards with his performance of ‘Krazy’ and ‘Believe Me.’

The rapper took the stage amidst a cloud of smoke and a bright spotlight, kicking off with his brand new song ‘Krazy.’ He was looking a little crazy in his getup — sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat (is he trying to snatch Pharrell’s hat legacy?), a pair of shorts sporting the numbers 8 and 2 (representing his birth year of 1982) and a long red flannel shirt that looks like it would double as an awesome bathrobe.

Credit where credit is due, though — crazy as the ensemble might’ve been, Lil Wayne was owning it! There was no mistaking who was on stage as he transitioned from ‘Krazy’ to his popular single ‘Believe Me,’ which usually features Drake on the track.

Shots of the audience revealed everyone was up and dancing to his slick rhymes, including a surprise appearance by Paris Hilton. Lil Wayne set high standards for the Staples Center tonight!