Wale dropped the official remix of 'Bad,' which features a vocal from Rihanna, and guess what? It's good. The remix of 'Bad' is a sexed up track, a raunchy (but sometimes sad) romp that's not exactly as R-rated as Rihanna's Instagram feed.

She admits "I have some issues" in her icy voice, while Wale spits rhymes in rapid fire and references her in the lyrics a few times. They have an easy and contrasted vocal chemistry. No, it's not nearly as electric as her recorded work with her on-off ex Chris Brown, but it's always fun to hear RiRi go up against a rapper on a remix. Or, in this case, a Ri-mix.

On this track, the Barbados-born beauty is understated but she makes her presence known. That's not exactly easy to do, but this is Rihanna we're talking about. She always asserts herself musically, even if she's not all up in your grill while doing so. Sometimes restraint can be just as powerful as volume.