Could living in separate spaces be the key to a successful relationship? According to one woman, now going viral on TikTok, living separately was a great decision for her and her longtime boyfriend and is a key factor to their thriving love life.

In a 52-second video shared on the social media app, @RebelMarie explains that last summer she and her boyfriend of three years made the executive decision that the best living situation for their relationship would be to buy a duplex.

The couple found the perfect home in August 2021, and claimed a new address by purchasing a duplex which offered two separate apartments, each with two bedrooms and one bath, as well as shared spaces including the attic, basement, hallways and yard.

This was ideal for them, allowing them to remain close and still have the freedom to retreat for privacy or decorate the private apartment's interiors to match their individual aesthetics.

Long gone are the days of fighting over laundry and dishes.

"I have a two-bedroom one-bathroom apartment, he has a two-bedroom one-bathroom apartment, and we share a basement, an attic, hallways, and a yard," @RebelMarie says in the clip.

"We go back and forth and leave our backdoors open so we can go between each space, and the kids come and go as they see fit," the TikToker continues.

"I have a very different design aesthetic to him. I am a maximalist, and he is not. I don't do my dishes every day, and he needs to," she adds. "So this just works better for us."

"It's great, and I think it's going to be how we stay in love for the rest of our lives," @RebelMarie says as she confirms the secret to their everlasting love is "not living together full-time."

See @RebelMarie's video for yourself.

While this living situation may not seem ideal for many couples, a shocking number of viewers support the idea.

A study from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that the true secret to a thriving relationship is each partner's commitment to the relationship itself, proving that whether you share your space or live separately, the greenest grass grows where you water it.

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