LMFAO are as well-known for their synthy anthems as they are for their party rocking and their animal print sense of style. So it should come as absolutely no surprise that LMFAO member Redfoo is making his first official foray into fashion by serving up a line of tennis wear.

According to WENN, Redfoo has been quietly working on an athletic wear collection. Wow, a member of LMFAO can do something quietly and under the radar? These dudes are so delightfully in your face that it's surprising to think that he was able to work on this line on the QT.

Attendees of the U.S. Open in New York City got a look at some of the line's wares this past week, when tennis player Ayaka Okuno sported pieces from the range. She wore purple and black leopard-print shorts under her black tennis skirt.

Leopard print found its way into the fashions? You don't say. Note the sarcasm there. It's LMFAO we're talking about, so it would have been uncivilized to exclude their signature prints from the apparel.

Redfoo is planning to launch the collection later this year. The line remains untitled. And that's about all the details we have so far on his fashion endeavors, but we can't wait to see the fruits of his looms!

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