Fans who were hoping One Direction member Louis Tomlinson had truly named his baby Conchobar are in for some serious disappointment.

An early report from UK tabloid The Sun claimed Tomlinson and baby mama Briana Jungwirth had named their firstborn Sydney Rain. Fans were unhappy with this possibility, so they generated a rumor stating Tomlinson and Jungwirth had gone with the more musical choice of Conchobar.

Both turned out to be mercifully incorrect: Not only did Tomlinson grace fans with a photo of his tiny newborn baby on Instagram today (January 27), but he also declared his baby boy's name for all the world to read, in a sweet but succinct caption accompanying the black-and-white shot. It reads, simply, "Meet my little lad, Freddie."

Tomlinson, a proud dad if ever there were one, then posted the name on Twitter:

As is the way of the Directioner, fans responded with immediacy and intensity, expressing their utmost excitement in a blast of CAPS-lock tweets.

Tomlinson was recently photographed standing barefoot on a Los Angeles-area street, struggling to install the base of a car seat inside his enormous vehicle, just like a new father should. May we be treated to more of these moments shortly.

The singer first confirmed the unplanned pregnancy back in August, during a mildly uncomfortable interview with Good Morning America, just a few weeks after PEOPLE first broke the explosive news.

What do you think of the name Freddie? Is it better than Conchobar? Where do you think The Sun got the name Sydney Rain?

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