Look, we know that Louis Tomlinson is a hot commodity. In fact, fighting over the hottie is something that the PopCrush editors get into on the daily. But did we ever expect that Louis would someday be at the heart of a tug-of-war between two huge pizza chains? No, no we did not. (OK, maybe some of us did.)

It all started when Louis kicked up his feet and sat down to enjoy some 'Celebrity Big Brother' and sample some of the fine amenities that Pizza Hut UK has to offer, tweeting:

While Pizza Hut got all up on this promo, Dominos was busy feeling the jealousy, devastated that Louis could abandon them like that.

"We have to admit that this news is not music to our ears," the chain tweeted, even using the hashtag "#WrongDirection." Them's fighting words!

Never one to take a comeback sitting down, Pizza Hut then taunted the competition with pizzafied One Direction lyrics:

And Louis was even up for some negotiating:

Dominos agreed, providing the world with this epic edit of Louis eating a mozzarella dipper, which you can feast your eyes on here. To be honest, this kind of won the whole argument.

But if you ask us, Louis should've just gone with some slices from 'Mystic Pizza,' considering he looks almost identical to Julia Roberts' love interest in the film. For real.

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