Lucy Hale is fast becoming one of our favorite young stars. On-screen she plays fashionable Aria Montgomery on 'Pretty Little Liars,' and off-screen she's constantly interacting with her fans. Oh, and did we mention that she just released her debut album, 'Road Between'?

There are tons of reasons why we want to be best friends with Lucy Hale. From her amazing style to her incredible voice to her down-to-earth tweets, she's just plain awesome.

In honor of Lucy's 25th birthday, we made a list of 25 reasons why we want to be BFFs with her. Embrace your inner Haler and check 'em out!

Lucy's obsession with 'Titanic' is on par with ours.

Her fro-yo-to-toppings ratio is spot on.

She has excellent taste in footwear. (Editors' note: Can we please borrow these, Lucy?)

When it comes to 'Pretty Little Liars,' she says what we're all thinking.

She keeps it real.

With Lucy, Wednesday nights look a little something like this:

Same Man Crush Monday choice? Yep.

Oh, girl. We hear ya.

She gets that Britney > everything else.

Lucy Hale Britney

It's like she's reading our minds.

She remembers important anniversaries.


And she isn't afraid to embrace her inner Arianator.

She opens up about heartbreak.

We'd check the same box, Lucy.

She knows which struggles are real.

The Force is with her.

Any fan of 'Mean Girls' is a friend of ours.

Best. Bling. Ever.

She doesn't underestimate the power of a good breakfast.

Trading clothes with Lucy would just plain rock.

Even her handwriting is adorable.

We'll never forget the time she played Robin's rebellious little sister on 'How I Met Your Mother.'

This super selfie.

She alerted us that pretzel pancakes exist.

Watch Lucy Hale Talk About Her New Album, 'Road Between'

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