'Pretty Little Liars' star and Selena Gomez doppelganger Lucy Hale is launching her country music career in the form of 'You Sound Good to Me.' She is a southern girl, hailing from Memphis, Tenn., so country music in her blood.

'You Sound Good to Me' is what you'd expect -- a sun-splashed, upbeat track with just the right amount of guitar twang driving the song. No, Hale is not a belter by any means, nor does she try to be that. But her voice has this super sweet, ultra confident, warm and inviting tone on 'You Sound Good to Me.' We don't need her to go diva range on us and we don't want her to, either.

The song boasts a clap and chant part at about 2:15 in and it's super fun and cute.

Hale has delivered a perfectly constructed pop-country song that should earn her some comparisons to Taylor Swift. It's inevitable. But stripping the song of any expectations and putting Hale's reputation as an actress aside, we cannot deny that 'You Sound Good to Me' is cray catchy and easy on the ears.

It's a pleasant, easy-to-digest track. It's not outside of the box, nor is it reinventing the pop-country hyphenate. It's not delving into the strong storytelling side of the genre, either. But it goes down smooth.

Yep, as a country singer, Lucy Hale sure sounds good to us.


Listen to Lucy Hale, 'You Sound Good to Me'