Madonna hasn't toured Australia for 20 years, last visiting in 1993 on her Girlie Show tour. Her return was long overdue and she had planned to hit the country on next year's leg of the MDNA tour. However, she canceled the dates. What a bummer for fans of Madge who are Down Under.

Live Nation confirmed the cancelation on Tuesday (July 17) without any explanation or reason. Word is that stadiums in Sydney and Melbourne were booked for next year. However, high ticket prices and a crowded touring market were rumored to be the reasons for nixing the shows, as the tour would be "unviable."

According to the BBC, a rep said the tour will end in South America in December, stating, "Unfortunately it didn't work out for this tour. She appreciates her Aussie fans coming to many of the shows. We are long overdue for a trip Down Under and apologize for that. It will happen.''

Madge has remained out of market in Australia for far too long! When she skipped Oz on two prior tours, she blamed logistics and finances. She's not doing herself any favors with her Aussie fans as she bypasses them yet again. Boo! Hiss!

Despite this "setback," the MDNA tour is doing well, having raked in almost $50 million in receipts thus far. It's not without controversy, though, thanks to her usage of the swastika and her repeated flashing of flesh. Her show in Poland is being protested since the locals take issue with the way she perverts Catholic imagery during her stage shows and her gig falls on a solemn holiday.

Never a dull moment on Planet Madge.

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