Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour is the gift that keeps on giving.

While the Queen of Pop has largely stuck to the tightly rehearsed script during her past few world tours, Madge continues to break away from routine and perform wildly unexpected classics during her acoustic section of the show, like "Frozen" in Detroit and "Drowned World / Substitute For Love" in London — and in tonight's case in Taipei (February 4), "Take A Bow," a song she hasn't performed live in concert...ever.

Although she performed the No. 1 hit at the 1995 American Music Awards, she'd yet to perform the song live in concert until now...over 20 years later. Historic.

While she sounded fantastic, the ever-critical pop icon analyzed her performance immediately after the song came to a close. "That was fun! First time ever. Hit a few bad notes, but it felt good to sing it," she told the crowd. They all seemed quite enthusiastic about it — you're good, M. Don't worry.

Seriously, what's next? "This Used To Be My Playground"? Anything is possible at this point.

Watch Madonna perform "Take A Bow" live for the first time in concert above.

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