Madonna: legendary icon. Material Girl. Queen of Pop. Stand-up comedian? Yep — the music legend tested out those comedic chops on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night (April 9). And just how did she fare? you may ask. Well, watch for yourself in the video above.

Referring to herself as a "closet comedian," Madonna — thanks to a little gentle prodding from Jimmy Fallon, kickass host that he is — took to the stage to debut her stand-up routine, showing a rare moment of vulnerability when she asked the audience to make sure they laughed at her jokes, even if they "suck."

As for her material, well, Madonna mostly joked about her relationship with younger men — including one guy in particular who admired her original Warhols hanging around her house. (Because of course Madonna has original Andy Warhol paintings in her home.) While the punchline kind of fell flat, it was refreshing to see Madonna being so earnest and vulnerable. Plus, we have to give her some serious props for bravely standing up in front of an audience and trying something completely different, even knowing she might fail. That takes some serious guts, and we admire her all the more for it.

And just in case you forgot — or the above video doesn't actually show the singer's true range — Madonna is actually a hilarious actress. Proof: Cut to that time she guest-starred as Karen Walker's roommate on Will & Grace. Pure gold! (You can watch a clip of that genius over on YouTube.)

But Madonna didn't just attempt stand-up on Fallon -- she also performed her hit "Holiday" with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots in one of their amazing "classroom instruments" performances. Check it out below -- and to quote one YouTube commenter, "How could anyone be sad when you can watch a man rhythmically shake a banana for 2 minutes?" EXACTLY.

The Queen also performed "Bitch, I'm Madonna" with sock puppets and Diplo (in that order). Watch that performance here.

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