A man was roasted on Reddit after complaining that his parents are leaving more money to his sister in their will.

"Yesterday, my parents sat me (31M), my two brothers (32M, 34M) and my sister (41F) down to discuss their will. My parents informed us that they want to split it five ways: my sister gets 2/5 while the three of us brothers get 1/5 each," he wrote.

"Their reasoning is that my sister 'sacrificed' her childhood for our family so it’s only fair she gets compensated. In our childhood, my father's business partner screwed him over so there was a period where we were broke and in debt. My parents had to work multiple jobs to keep us afloat, and my sister babysat us while our parents worked," he continued on Reddit.

The man claimed his sister fed them and kept an eye on them while their parents were at work.

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"We were pretty calm kids so all we did was play games and do our homework. It probably wasn't thrilling, but not exactly a tremendous hardship," he recalled.

Frustrated with the way the will was set up, he and his brothers complained to their parents, calling them "insane" for giving the sister more money as she is "financially the best off out of all of us."

"My parents said they're disappointed in us, and said we need to reflect on ourselves. My sister didn't say s--t while my parents spoke, but texted us afterwards that she had zero intention of taking 2/5 but we were all a--holes," he concluded.

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Users in the comments blasted the man for not acknowledging what his sister did for their parents by taking care of her siblings when they were children.

"Even if she just stayed at home while you were there, she didn't have teenage freedom and she made sacrifices and took on responsibilities. It doesn't matter how affluent she is now, your parents are trying to pay her back for what they couldn't pay her then," one person wrote.

"Your failure to make as much as her isn’t your parents' problem," another person commented.

"As someone who also had to babysit siblings much younger whether they were calm kids or not I can attest that [your] sister DESERVES whatever the parents want to give her. She had to basically have no life to help raise kids that she in no way was responsible for so your parents could put food in your mouths and clothes on their backs," someone else weighed in.

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