A man on Reddit broke up with his girlfriend in front of her entire family after finding out she has a young daughter she doesn't take care of.

"Two months ago she moved into my apartment and everything was going great. Until this weekend when she decided she wants me to meet her family. We drove there on Saturday and I met her parents. About 30 minutes into the visit a 10-year-old girl opened the front door, saw my girlfriend, yelled 'Mom' and hugged my girlfriend," he wrote.

"I was quite surprised because she never mentioned she had a daughter. After about 5 more minutes of conversation I realized that the whole time my girlfriend was living with me I know for a fact she never drove to visit her daughter and I can't recall any phone call to her either," the man continued on Reddit.

When he asked the little girl when she last saw her mom, she told him it had been at least two months.

"And that was basically it for me. I stuck it out for another 15 min and when the girl had left the room, I told my girlfriend, right there at the table, that it wouldn't work out. I can’t be together with someone that would just dump their own child like that. We drove back to my apartment, with her pleading the entire time and promising she would change," he detailed.

When they got home, he "packed up all her stuff" and then drove her back to her parents' house to drop her off.

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Readers in the comments section applauded the man for confronting his girlfriend about hiding her child from him.

"Any woman that didn’t even bother to call her own child because she got a new boyfriend, that’s a hard no," one user commented.

"Love how your main reason is that she didn’t talk to her own child and not that she lied/didn’t tell you that she has a child in the first place," another shared.

"She didn't even have the forethought to actually mention the child at any point before entering a situation where she knew the child would be present. Not even a 'by the way I have a kid and she lives with my parents, just be cool' on the drive over/while they walked up the driveway. She just fully walked [you] into it blind. That's a deal breaking amount of stupidity for me," someone else wrote.

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