A man on Reddit is thinking about throwing his fiancée out of his house and ending their relationship after he overheard her talking bad about him to her friend when he returned home early a few days ago.

"I overheard my fiancée tell her friend that she is settling for me. This friend just got out of a relationship. I don't know what they were talking about before, but I just heard [her] saying that after all the a--holes she dated, settling for me will be good for her," he wrote.

"She then went on to describe my job and all the perks of being with me. Love is apparently not on the list. Hearing this kinda broke me. I just stood in place dumbfounded," he continued on Reddit.

The man explained they live in a beach house that he bought and renovated himself. "I work in property insurance from home and do house flips on the side. I'm satisfied with what I've accomplished so far in my life," he shared, noting he has been supportive of his fiancée's "goals and ambitions," and that she has "wanted for nothing" in their relationship.

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The man says his fiancée doesn't even have a job and also lives with him for free.

"She doesn't work right now. She also lives in my house. She decorated it and certainly put her touches on everything, but my name is on the title. Just mine. Her car is technically mine too. She didn't qualify for financing on her own, and she just had to have a [BMW], so I co-signed it," he continued, adding that he pays for all her credit cards, too.

After he overheard his fiancée's conversation, he spent all night "going through her messages" on her phone.

"I knew her password, I just never looked. Well, it's a pretty common thing for her to say. Pretty much all her friends know what's up. [She] wants a 'nice, normal guy' after all the a--holes she dated. She wants a drama-free life where she'll be taken care of," he revealed.

The man's first reaction was to "yell at her and confront her about it." His second reaction was to "make her suffer like I am."

"I want to just show her the texts, throw her s--t in garbage bags and put her out on the street," he concluded his post, admitting he doesn't think his fiancée loves him at all.

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Users in the comments encouraged the man to leave his fiancée.

"If you marry her, get ready for a divorce in 7 to 10 years," one person wrote.

"My ex wasn't quite to this degree, I believe she loved me. She did cheat on me, leave me for the exciting guy and didn't want to stay with the boring settled guy. Now she is dealing with a toxic relationship and I am in a happy one," another person chimed in.

"I am a lawyer. He is fine. The car may get weird but sounds like he can handle that. By weird, I mean, assuming they both have title to the car, they both have equal rights to it, and a lawsuit that would cost more than the car would be the only thing that can settle it. If she is crazy, then they won’t be able to settle the car issue easily. Also, only marriage or title to both people on an asset gives her a claim, which is why he is fine," someone else commented.

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