Comedian Margaret Cho recently revealed she’s been residing in a sober-living facility for five months, after an intervention staged by friends prompted her to check herself into rehab.

“I bring the real me and my truth to work,” she said, according to The Hollywood Reporter, during a set at The Comedy Store on November 3. “It’s not perfect, it’s not manufactured, it’s real.”

Cho -- who performed at the West Hollywood club alongside other comedians Lachlan Patterson, Iliza Schlesinger, Moshe Kasher and the show’s host Joe Praino — told the audience she brought a bottle of wine to the intervention, after being told she was attending a friend’s party. Cho joked she got drunk that night and entered into the sober facility shortly after, and she’s been living there since.

Her set was reportedly well-received, and spanned heavy topics characteristic of Cho's shows, ranging from race to being a rape survivor.

The comic even defended her decision to talk onstage about being sexually abused by her uncle from ages 5 to 12, saying, “If we can shine a light on what happens to us, we have a shot at making rape obsolete. That’s my dream.”

News of Cho’s decision to enter into a sober-living facility comes months after fans walked out of a March 26 show at New Jersey’s Stress Factory. While there's no indication Cho's poor performance was the result of substance abuse, a source reportedly told Page Six at the time, “...for the Saturday late show, she was really incoherent, slurring into the mic and needed help just to walk onto the stage. She had to lean against the back wall to keep from falling over.”

Cho released a statement after the show, saying, in part, "Everyone has a bad day at work. I was also upset because one of my heroes (Garry Shandling) just died. That doesn't excuse my behavior, but it just shows that I am only human."

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