UPDATE (8/16): Here's the image of Mimi that's gotten everyone worked up, via USA TodayThink the controversy is merited?

Bette Midler, for one, doesn't.

ORIGINAL STORY: Bye Bye: A handful of Southern California airports, to Mariah Carey's latest billboard image.

According to TMZ, Mimi's latest promotion for her #1 to Infinity Las Vegas residency — which picks up again on August 24 — has hit a bum note with certain SoCal travel hubs. The site says a new billboard's image, which features Carey's chest barely veiled by a thin gold cover, is simply too racy to have hanging around. So, Burbank and Orange County airports have put a kibosh on the photos. This could spell out trouble for Mimi's promotions, since both airports are popular takeoff spots to Las Vegas.

Even Caesars Palace, which hosts Mariah's concert, is seeking a less provocative image to use for promotion TMZ says. Sin City now failing on all counts — WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CITY BUILT ON INIQUITY?

True to form, Mariah is committed to keeping the originals (which cost thousands of dollars) in plain sight. We'd expect nothing less from a woman who's splitting the summer between two yachts that are docked next to each other off the coast of Italy.

While inconvenient, the hiccup sounds like just another day in the life of Mimi, whose Mariah's World premieres on E! in December.

Justice for a billboard featuring Mariah Carey's slightly-obscured breasts.

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