New to Mariah Carey's Mariah's World? Here's a few enlightening top lines, drafted from the show's August 3 trailer:

1) Mariah Carey is likely to hijack your child's playground, barrel down a slide and observe "I like that one."

2) Mariah Carey really hopes this doesn't all turn into a "big piece of dog s---."

3) Mariah Carey bums around her house in a corset and mine-draining diamonds.

Mimi's forthcoming docu-series, which premieres at the tail end of 2016 on E!, will give fans an inside look at the singer's year, including tour dates, wedding planning and behind-the-scenes rehearsals. More importantly, though, it'll broadcast footage of her making a prank call as a New Yorker named Pamela through a rather pronounced lens softener.

"There is no typical day in Mimi's life," the singer says over footage of her staring, Gatsby-style, at the expanse of her lavish estate. You don't say...

And if this type of reality-with-a-wink is up your alley, get ready for more. Mimi told Kelly Ripa in May that the show will adopt the tone of her famously insane 2002 episode of MTV's Cribs, in which she exercised in stilettos.

"Everybody made such a big deal about it back then,” she said. “Like it was the world’s most wild thing…There’s some Cribs moments on [Mariah’s World]. It’s kind of Cribs-esque."

Mariah's World premieres on December 4 and will air eight episodes.

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