There's an end to infinity...and it's, uh, approximately one week.

Mariah Carey only just kicked off her #1 To Infinity Las Vegas show at The Colosseum on May 6, and already, the Elusive Chanteuse has pulled out of a show.

Last night, Lambs were horrified to find a sign placed in front of the performance venue just hours before the concert was set to begin: "Tonight's performance has been cancelled and will not be rescheduled. We truly regret the inconvenience this may cause." Oof.

The instruction to Migrate (feat. T-Pain) did not, uh, go over too well with say the absolute least.

"Literally spent thousands of dollars to see @mariahcarey in Vegas and she fucking cancelled," VICE writer Tracie Morrissey posted along with the sign.

Mimi's way of explaining the last minute cancellation to the outraged Lambily? A note on Instagram, per her doctor: "Hey guys.. I've been fighting bronchitis for the past few days.. almost better but on mandatory vocal rest per doctor's orders. I'm so sorry to cancel tonight's show but I promise to make it up to you!!! Love you always, MC," the "You Don't Know What To Do" diva wrote.

The comment section on Mariah's Instagram now overflows with well wishes for a speedy recovery...but also plenty of shade and sadness from furious fans who commuted from all over the country (and world!) to catch the icon for a live moment of Las Vegas whatever. A bit corny like Fritos, but an illness is an illness, right? (Then again, we weren't the ones who flew in just for the show.)

Erm. Welp! Here's hoping Mariah's busting out those B12 shots for the next round of performances. Sh-sh-shake it off and get well soon, Mimi!

Mariah's Glittery, Glam Opening Night in Las Vegas