Mariah Carey doesn't just let anybody know her business, darling. She is the Elusive Chanteuse, after all. But did you know the Frito pie enthusiast owns Marilyn Monroe's white baby grand piano? Or that she reportedly insured her legs for a whopping $1 billion? (Completely worth it, in our humble opinion.) Check out even more tidbits of Mimi trivia in the latest episode of our video series, Think You Know Pop?

We're paying tribute to the legendary vocalist-turned-showgirl just in time as she kicks off her #1 To Infinity residency in Las Vegas. It's a flashy spectacle for sure, but then again, Mariah's always done things big: Did you know her debut album was one of the most expensive projects for a new artist...ever?

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Mariah Carey Kicks Off '#1 To Infinity' Show

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