Mariah Carey has finally revealed her big announcement. She's dropping a new album, #1 to Infinity!

On Friday (April 10), Mariah told fans to follow a link on Twitter that took them to her website, which presented a countdown clock that ended this morning (April 12). When the countdown ended, her site showed the cover of her 1998 greatest hits record, #1's. Mariah then instructed fans to share the announcement on social media. And as more people did that, more of the new album cover would appear.

"The more you share, the more you see!! #RevealMariah #NewAlbumCover," she tweeted to inspire fans to participate.

So beginning at 10AM ET, her members of her Lambily and other fans for Mariah's music started sharing "#RevealMariah" on all the social networks in order to unveil the cover and title of her upcoming album. Minutes before 6PM ET, the full image showed Mariah posing in a similar way to how she looked on her greatest hits record, except this time the photo is in color opposed to black and white. You can see quicker version of how she uncovered the surprise below.

#1 to Infinity will be Mariah's 14th studio album. And with her divorce from Nick Cannon finalized, it looks like Mariah is moving forward and taking the next step in her career. And we are definitely looking forward to the new music. Although she only revealed the LP art and name of the record, she did promise fans that more details about it will come out tomorrow.

So be sure to look out for that info on PopCrush.

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