While Nicki Minaj is stirring the pot of drama between herself and fellow 'American Idol' judge Mariah Carey via tweets, Carey revealed to Barbara Walters that the rapper threatened her with gun violence.

Walters told her 'The View' audience this morning (Oct. 4) that Carey spoke to her personally (quotes via Hollywood Life) and that she was speaking on the singer's behalf. Carey told Walters that Minaj barked, "If I had a gun, I would shoot the b----!" Yikes. That's taking things several steps too far.

Carey is reportedly at home with dem babies and has hired extra security, but Minaj's outburst has not derailed her excitement for the gig. Carey told Walters that she doesn't "feel comfortable emotionally" right now, but was quick to declare "I love the show and mentoring contestants."

Both judges were present during a meeting on Oct. 3 with producers, after which Minaj approached Carey to say, "I love you, but we might fight again." Carey's reply? "No, we won’t."

After the expletive-laden outburst where the pink-loving rapper blew up at Carey for interrupting her, Minaj has taken to Twitter to talk even more smack. Even though Carey is taking the high road, if this brouhaha doesn't come to blows before the first episode, we'll be shocked.

Minaj's first tweet suggests that producers called her the best judge since the long departed Simon Cowell, which ruffled Carey's feathers. While the producers may have praised Minaj, Carey is collecting a way bigger paycheck to be the show, and we'd take the cash over a compliment any day of the week.

Then Minaj tweeted that it's on and she's ready to put up her verbal dukes again. She did say she compliments Carey, but it's not good enough.

Maybe it's time to take this off Twitter and end it once and for all?

Our take, since this new panel was revealed? Too much diva for one show.




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