The guys from Maroon 5 totally blew the roof off the 2014 People Magazine Awards tonight (Dec. 18) during their explosive performance of 'Animals.' From their humble beginnings as the pre-Maroon 5 incarnation known as Kara's Flowers, to having a huge hit on their hands with their debut album 'Songs About Jane' to becoming a world-wide phenomenon, Maroon 5 have seriously come a long way. Tonight's performance exhibited a nice culmination of their success and their longevity, and did a great job proving just how worthy they are of having been in the music scene for so long.

Taking the stage to perform their current hit 'Animals,' we love seeing the band perform at their best. Adam Levine's falsetto was definitely on point tonight, and his howling during the performance was absolutely killer. Oh, and we can't lie -- we're kind of obsessed with the fact that Adam was totally rocking a pair of maroon pants for their performance. Whether that was a cute nod to his own band's name or just a stylistic choice, we may never know. But we're going to pretend it was a tongue-in-cheek moment.

You can check out Maroon 5's performance in the video posted above! Let us know what you thought! Was it totally wild? We think you'll find that it was.

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