Maroon 5 songs have been a recurrence on the radio since 2002, when the band's debut single, 'Harder to Breathe' -- which was written as an "eff you" to their record label at the time -- hit airwaves. Since then, the band has gone on to nab Grammys and duets with Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa and Christina Aguilera, tour sold out stadiums and they've sold over 10 million records worldwide. Oh, and frontman Adam Levine landed a role on a little TV show you might've heard of called 'The Voice.' Not bad for what used to be a '90s band called Kara's Flowers.

Since the Maroon 5 song catalog is both profound and prolific, ranging from sexy to sensitive and back, narrowing down their top tracks was no easy task -- but we managed. Check out our choices for the Top 10 Maroon 5 Songs below!

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    Feat. Wiz Khalifa

    Good luck getting this melody out of your head. While we're not sure where anyone would find working payphones anymore, the heartbreak in Adam Levine's voice as he metaphorically describes not being able to reach the girl who's left him emotionally spent is a bittersweet lesson. Throw in some rhymes from Wiz and you've got one killer lead single from the band's fourth studio album, 'Overexposed.'

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    'Harder to Breathe'

    You know how the Hulk says you wouldn't like him when he's angry? Adam Levine and Co. are pretty much the opposite of that. Though on the surface it sounds like an angry breakup anthem, 'Harder to Breathe' was written to talk smack to their label on their own record (the suits didn't think the band had enough singles for A&R's liking). And what happened? It was their breakout hit and established not only their careers as a whole, but 'Songs About Jane' as one of the biggest records of 2002.

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    'Goodnight, Goodnight'

    Adam Levine's melancholy lullaby is hopeful but hopeless at the same time: He knows there are issues that probably won't be resolved, but the singer can't help but cling to the idea that everything will be ok in the morning: "Goodnight / Goodnight / Hope that things work out alright." The Maroon 5 song's ubiquity in television montages also speaks to its applicability in a million different sad scenarios.

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    Levine's got it bad in 'Misery,' in which he's desperate to get back a lover that not only spurned him, but apparently ghosted him too: "I am in misery / And there ain't nobody who can comfort me (Oh yeah) / Why won't you answer me? / The silence is slowly killing me (Oh yeah) / Girl, you really got me bad / You really got me bad / I'm gonna get you back." With keyboards and guitars that sound like they jumped over from 'Songs About Jane' -- in the best way -- in this case, 'Misery' loves and deserves company.

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    'Makes Me Wonder'

    Few men can simultaneously pull off super hot and incredibly ticked off as well as Adam Levine can. He rattles off his proclivities with a certain female who spurned him, then tells her, "And it really makes me wonder if I ever gave a f--- about you." When combined with the track's funky guitar work and infectious keyboards, this Maroon 5 song hurts so good.

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    'If I Never See Your Face Again'

    Feat. Rihanna

    Rihanna exudes sex and Adam Levine loves singing about it. When you put them together, you get a steamy anthem about semi-bitter booty calls where everyone leaves happy. However, in the morning, RiRi and Adam are always left wanting a little more than they'd admit because they're both too proud. When you make tracks as catchy as this one, you can be proud for a reason.

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    'She Will Be Loved'

    What woebegone girl or lovesick guy didn't quote this Maroon 5 song back in 2003? And who wasn't slightly creeped out by Adam Levine being obsessed with his girlfriend's mom in the video? (Even if she was played by the beautiful Kelly Preston.) The smooth 'Songs About Jane' ballad was the first look at the band's emotional side, and based on its constant airplay, all of us Maroon 5 fans love it when they get all sensitive on us.

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    'Sunday Morning'

    Certified Gold but deserving of Platinum, 'Sunday Morning' couldn't have a more appropriate title: It's relaxed, it's soulful and it's resonant. The jazz-inflected tune is yet another gem off of 'Songs About Jane.' It's also one of the more laidback tracks by the band as well as one of their absolute best, which is why 'Sunday Morning' notches in at No. 3 on our Top 10 Maroon 5 Songs countdown.

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    'Moves Like Jagger'

    Feat. Christina Aguilera

    That now iconic whistle. Those sex-drenched lyrics. That killer vocal feature from Xtina. While exactly which "Jagger"-esque moves Levine sings about are left to our imaginations (wouldn't most of them involve breaking a hip at this point?), 'Moves like Jagger' was the band's biggest hit to date -- and with good reason. Even if you somehow crawled under a rock and escaped it on radio, you couldn't escape it in your head.

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    'This Love'

    'This Love' was one of the most-played songs on radio in 2002, and somehow no one ever really got that tired of it. You know why? Because it's fantastic. The guitars, the keyboards and Levine's lusty lyrics ("I tried my best to feed her appetite / Keep her coming every night / So hard to keep her satisfied, oh!") and vocals made for (im)pure pop perfection. It's for these reasons and more that 'This Love' comes in at No. 1 on our Top 10 Maroon 5 Songs countdown.

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