For newly cemented BFFs Meghan Trainor and Chloe Grace Moretz, squad is not a synonym for friendship.

The "Me Too" singer and Little Mermaid actress, who met at 2015's KIIS FM Jingle Ball, explained in a new interview with Billboard that they have a fundamental issue with the word squad as it's been popularized by Taylor Swift's crew (still, they insist that "None of us are anti-Swift!").

"We don't agree with what the word 'squad' means," Moretz said. "[Trainor] and I, when we were growing up, we both dealt with being left out of a lot of situations and not being invited into people's friend groups. We just think that squad-specific exclusivity doesn't go along with what we believe in."

Trainor added there's a certain lack of sincerity when celebrities cast wide friend-nets in Hollywood — she has no interest in accumulating famous pals just for the sake of it.

"Other celebrity friends, they're not your best friends because you don't get to see them, and when you do, you're like, 'Oh, hi. Are you exhausted, too?'" she explained. "Chloe's just really real."

Moretz has previously spoken out against squads during a March interview with Complexwhen she equated them to cliques.

"They appropriate exclusivity," she said. Oh, and she confirmed she did receive a T-Swift squad invite but...didn't decide to join on.

What do you make of these new BFF's squad-thoughts? Sound off in the comments.

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