A little over a month after being forced to cancel the remainder of her headlining tour due to vocal hemorrhaging, Meghan Trainor has recovered from surgery and she’s ready to flood the airwaves with her music once more.

During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Meghan spoke about the cancellation, saying, "I was on tour and I was on top of the world and I had everything and then I went to rehearsals for another tour I was on, the MTrain Tour, and I noticed right away it hurt to speak.”

A doctor presented her with two options: Either she take a four month break and allow her vocal cords to heal naturally, or she undergo surgery and spend a few weeks without speaking, instead. After opting for the latter, Meghan had to think of new ways to communicate with people since she couldn’t use her voice.

“The phone is how I spoke to people,” she said. And during her time off, she struck up a non-romance with a guy who, she says, sort of led her on. Trainor played coy about the whole thing when Ellen asked her to elaborate on an Internet boyfriend, so it's still unknown as to how the two met.

She told Ellen, "I didn’t have a boyfriend, there was a guy that I Instagrammed and didn’t put a caption and the whole world freaked out, aka all my Megatronz, all my fans, and it was just a little nothing. But I did get a great song out of it. It’s a new one called ‘Lead Me On.’...He said, ‘I never intended to lead you on,’ so that was the main hook."

There's nothing more inspirational than unrequited love. Check out Meghan's interview with Ellen in the video above.