Once her hit song 'All About That Bass' took off, Meghan Trainor became a household name seemingly overnight. So far she's released a debut album, written a duet with Harry Styles and attended the 2015 Grammy Awards. Sounds like a total dream come true, right? Well, according to Meghan, she had no idea any of this would happen to her.

In her cover story with Seventeen, Meghan talks about her insecurities. While it may be hard to imagine the girl who penned a song about embracing your body was ever insecure, it's a totally relatable feeling. Meghan said, "When I saw photos of myself, I would think, I look awful. There's a double chin! I never thought I'd be a pop star. I don't look like Rihanna. [Then] after the video for 'All About That Bass' came out... when I was signing autographs, this girl came up to me bawling and said, 'You make me feel pretty again. Thank you.'"

According to Meghan, the experience she had with that fan really changed things for her. She said, "It really resonated with me that this girl was so gorgeous, and she didn't even know it. It's a mental thing. Just recently I was thinking, 'I'm confident now, and I look good,' and that's because I've started saying those words out loud more. So now when I see pictures, I'm like, 'Oh my God, why would I hate myself at all? I look incredible in that picture!'" That's more like it!

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