Jimmy Kimmel brought up an interesting point during his show last night (Nov. 25): where are all the Thanksgiving carols!? We have an excessive amount of jingling Christmas music that will haunt retail workers for the rest of their lives, but we’ve somehow managed to avoid the Thanksgiving Day song.

Luckily, Jimmy has chosen to remedy this great American injustice by creating some choice turkey tunes. Even better? He got Meghan Trainor to belt ‘em out — and they’re totally hilarious.

From ‘My Flight Got Canceled in Denver (I’ll Be Sleeping at an Airport Quiznos Tonight)’ to ‘I Would Like to Leave (To Get Drunk With My Friends)’ each title proved more relatable than the last.

Meghan was all smiles and totally into it, and she even proved she has great comedic timing when she held up her faux-albums at the end of the segment and said: “Hi, I’m Meghan Trainor. Buy this. With your money.” If only it were real, Meghan, we probably would.

Check out the video above!

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