Some of Michael Jackson's most familiar songs are mashed together in 'Immortal Megamix,' a track from the soundtrack to the King of Pop's Cirque du Soleil show.

The mix kicks off with the upbeat 'Can You Feel It,' a hit from the 1980 Jacksons album 'Triumph.'  After a couple of runs through the chorus, we hear the familiar bassline and spoken-word intro from the King of Pop's 'Off the Wall' smash 'Don't Stop Til You Get Enough.'

That transitions right into Michael's 'Billie Jean' verse, "People always told me / Be careful what you do / Don't go around breaking young girls' hearts." 'Black or White' actually gets the largest block of time, finishing off the megamix with nearly two minutes' worth of the original recording.

The original songs are left intact on 'Immortal Megamix,' with only slight musical embellishments, such as a "Michael! Michael!" chant that appears during 'Billie Jean.' We've definitely heard better MJ mixes before, like the 'HIStory Megamix' that preceded his 1995 double-album. But we're talking about the King of Pop here. With his legacy of musical gold, it would be nearly impossible to create a bad mix.

'Immortal' hits stores Nov. 21.

Listen to Michael Jackson, 'Immortal Megamix'