It's been two years since Michael Jackson's death, but his legacy and inspiration lives on through lots of people -- like his musical nephew, Austin Brown. Brown, whose mother Rebbie Jackson was Michael's sister, appeared on 'Lopez Tonight' to chat about what his childhood was like, as well as his soul-inspired new record, and perform a song for viewers.

Brown recalls that he was very fortunate as a kid, because being M.J.'s nephew helped shape him as a musician. "I was able at a young age to go around the world on with my uncle, on the History Tour, and watch him really perfect his craft," Brown told Lopez. "Such a genius, and it was so amazing and so fulfilling for that to where I was able to take music personally and see the background of it and really the see the development of where it went."

He continued, "The amazing thing about my family is that they always gave me and my cousins free reign to roam about. We got access to anywhere we wanted, whether it be tours, rather it be hanging out with the band … Just listening to them record! We had everything. It was amazing to grow up in that environment and really see the musicality of my family perfect their work."

Brown added that while he's so thankful for the influence he received from his most famous family members, he wants to create his own musical path. "The thing is, they have amazing accomplishments, but that's their accomplishments -- those aren't mine," he said. "I'm just a kid who loves playing soul music."

Austin Brown's new album, '85,' was named for the year he was born and chronicles his 25-year journey as a musician. "Music has been apart of my life since day one. I was fortunate enough to be able to see it my whole life," Brown said. "I just really wanted to do something that inspired me to be a musician, to take elements from everything that I've heard and use it in my own way."

Watch Austin Brown Perform 'All I Need' on 'Lopez Tonight'