Michael Jackson’s estate is now in the middle of a lawsuit with a movie memorabilia store over a series of 20-year-old photos.

According to TMZ, the late singer’s estate claims that Premiere Props of El Segundo, Calif. placed photographs from the Jackson brothers’ 1984 Victory Tour up for auction. The shop also allegedly told buyers that they would own the negatives and copyright of the snapshots. Think about how much money could be made from printing and selling the rare photos — it's a huge incentive to potential customers!

Unfortunately, MJ’s team says that Michael hired a professional photographer to shoot the concerts, and that the 'Thriller' star's estate owns all rights to the pics. If proven true, that means Premiere can’t make any monetary gains off of the photos.

Premiere reported that the value of each picture is between $200 and $2k. The Estate is suing for the auction profits and to prevent the memorabilia store from selling any Michael Jackson items in the future.