As expected, Miley Cyrus is going all out on the Bangerz Tour -- costumes included! And you better believe that homegirl is rockin' some serious style swag.

During her kickoff show in Vancouver on Valentine's Day, Cyrus' most-buzzed about outfit was a blinged-out marijuana-printed thong bodysuit that she paired with a matching gold marijuana leaf necklace.

The Blonds, the designers behind many of the outfits on the tour, recently revealed the secrets behind the elaborate pot-friendly costume.

“We digitally printed marijuana leaves onto fabric and embellished them to give the bodysuit a three-dimensional effect,” David Blond, one-half of the Blond duo, told PEOPLE. “Since we know how much she enjoys the Mary Jane.”

Blond and his designer partner, Philip Blonde, also spoke about some of the other ensembles Cyrus has rocked during the show, including a silver-and-red Jessica Rabbit-like dress with a high slit and a giant T-shirt emblazoned with a giant photo of the 'Wrecking Ball' singer's face (complete with her signature tongue-sticking-out pose.) See her other costumes here.

“All three of us are fans of Jessica Rabbit so we did a modernized version of that for her,” Blond told the magazine about the sparkly dress, noting that he and Blonde designed it to go with Cyrus' songs 'Adore You' and 'F U.' And as for the shirt, they used one of Terry Richardson's infamous photographs of the singer and “crystalized her eyelashes, lips, and earrings to create great little sparkly details."

“It looks like her head is on top of her legs," he added.

But the best costumes are still yet to come, Blond revealed. "The greatest thing about this is Miley wants to continually surprise the audience," he said.

We have a feeling that won't be a problem.