Miley Cyrus is all about sweeping, drastic changes. Not only did the former teen pop queen and onetime 'Hannah Montana' star chop off her normally long locks in favor of a short, punk-inspired pixie (which we've not come to love after living with the photos for a few days, even though Cyrus is naturally beautiful and can wear her hair anyway, we still don't love it.) She also added her voice to 'Decisions,' a new track by Borgore, a few months ago, but it's finally landed online for your listening pleasure.

The newly-shorn Cyrus tweeted a note to her millions of followers, pretty much demanding (in a cute way way) that they check our her vocal handiwork on the track.

Cyrus sings background vocals on the hook of the synthed out, dub-heavy, hip-hop track.

She's not a prominently featured element of the song. In fact, she blends in and if she didn't tell you, you might not have known to look for this catchy song. The lyrics are hilarious, about eating the whole cake and not wanting to share it. It's all metaphor, though. We get it.

A couple months ago, the newly engaged superstar hit the studio, making music just for fun. The song is an example of said fun.

Below is Cyrus' tweet.

Listen to Miley Cyrus on Borgore's 'Decisions'