It's been a rough few days for Miley Cyrus. After dealing with the tremendous pain of losing her dog Floyd, who was killed by a coyote back home while she was far away and on tour, the singer was forced to cancel last night's (April 7) Bangerz Tour show in Charlotte, N.C. What happened?

TMZ reports that according to her rep, Cyrus called time on the show just 30 minutes before the gig, slated for Time Warner Cable Arena, was due to start, citing the flu. The fact that she waited until last minute to pull the plug suggests that she didn't want to cancel but had to.

The flu overtook Miley Cyrus? We know, we're surprised, too, since she seems invincible and willing to play through her pain. So Miss Miley must have been really ill to have to cancel.

Fans arrived at the venue and were told to leave, and that their tickets would be refunded.

As of press time, her show in Raleigh tonight (April 8) is still on. She must be on some super strong antibiotics or drugs to destroy the flu from which she is suffering.

The singer did tweet that she was not feeling well. Perhaps her immunity was low because she was so devastated by Floyd's death. That certainly did a number on her and while she already found herself a new dog to help heal her heart, dealing with a loss of a pet takes a lot out of a person.

Get better soon Miley!

Below is her tweet.

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