On Sunday night (December 20), Miley Cyrus wrapped up her vibrant Milky Milky Milk club tour with a two-hour long set at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA—yet another sold-out show in support of her album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz.

In addition to the series of photos from the show that Cyrus herself posted on her Instagram, a mysterious YouTube account named "Billy Ray" uploaded a recording of the full show shortly after it ended, sponsored by go90. Although the account clearly references Cyrus' father, it is unclear whether it is actually his.

Before her epic entrance, Cyrus teased fans the same way she did at previous shows: with a few measures from "Party in the USA." The true opener, however, was "Dooo It!," with Cyrus strutting onto stage wearing knee-high silver boots and covered in giant blow up letters that spelled out "DO" (over her breasts) and "IT" (over her crotch). She also sported neon pink eyebrows and green, blue, and yellow braids as she belted out her pro-marijuana, pro-peace anthem.

This outfit was one of many increasingly kooky costumes that Cyrus changed into after every few songs to fit the themes of each mini set of songs. For instance, following "Love. Money. Party" (one of only two throwback tracks), she came out in a giant sun to perform "1 Sun" and "The Floyd Song (Sunrise), only to change once again into a silver crescent moon befitting her back-to-back medley of "Something About Space Dude" and "Space Boots."

Other notable getups included a baby suit for "BB Talk" (which she later stripped out of to expose heart pasties over her lady parts), a stick of butter (for "Slab of Butter [Scorpion]"); a head-to-toe suit and helmet bedazzled in disco ball mirrors; and a glittery carton of milk (for "Milky Milky Milk").

For her encore performance, Cyrus sported a unicorn horn and strap-on dildo and was joined by Pamela Anderson and a team of drag queens to perform her second throwback track and show closer/stopper, "We Can't Stop."

Watch the full recording above.

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