Miley Cyrus is on an emotional roller coaster related to her dogs.

The singer and notorious pup lover dealt with the tragic death of her canine Floyd, who was killed by a coyote while she was far from home and on tour. She quickly got a new dog, Moonie, but despite the fact that a new pooch can help heal the heart after losing a precious pet, she has made the tough decision to give Moonie up.

Wait, why?

Well, she reportedly handed the dog over to a pal's mom, one who has small dogs, making a safe environment for Moonie to thrive, grow and prosper.

She also tweeted that it's too soon to have another new dog in her life. So don't crucify Miley for being capricious or inconsiderate with the dog.

She was honest and carefully placed the pup in a good home. Below is Miley's tweet explaining her decision.

Then fans tweeted that the Banger was scared of having a small dog, given what happened to Floyd.

Knowing Miley's love of dogs, she wouldn't be careless when placing the dog with a new family. She put the dog's needs first in this case. While it might seem like she was quick and hasty in her decision, she really wasn't. Give her a break. She was thinking of Moonie's needs first.

Below are the fan tweets updating other Smilers (and beyond) about Moonie's new home and family. If Moonie is with a family friend, well, that means that the singer can visit and remain in the pooch's life.