Miley Cyrus kissed a girl at the Los Angeles stop of her Bangerz Tour on Feb. 22, but we we're not sure the girl in question was ready for it! Katy Perry was the recipient of the smooch, and judging by the video posted above, she was slightly taken aback when Cyrus laid one on her. Maybe Miley tried to slip her some tongue?

Perry is known for the lyrics "I kissed a girl / And I liked it" from her early single 'I Kissed a Girl,' but check out how quickly the surprised pop star pulled away and wiped her lips -- and how Miley, dressed in a sparkly black cat suit, looked shocked about what happened, too.

Below is another fan-filmed clip of the liplock, which took place during 'Adore You.' Cyrus joked that she kissed a girl and she really liked it. Well, yeah, when that girl is the lovely KP, who wouldn't?

Christina Aguilera, no stranger to very public PDA with a famous fellow pop star after her 2003 VMAs smooch with Madonna -- which is much less-discussed than Britney Spears' kiss with Madge at the same time -- tweeted her support of Cyrus.

The newly-pregnant singer offered an approval tweet of Miley's chaps, a look Xtina once made famous before she went all Old Hollywood glam:

And we have one final note of the cyclical nature of pop divas and kissing: Brit Brit rejected Lady Gaga's attempt to kiss her at the 2011 VMAs when Gaga was in character as her Jo Calderone alter ego.

So much kissing between the ladies of pop!

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