Never one to be boring, Miley Cyrus raised eyebrows during her show in Milan, Italy when she sang her song 'FU' while holding a cardboard cutout of Selena Gomez!

The cardboard cutout of Selena was brought in by a fan and there are differing reports as to whether the fan threw the cutout on stage, or if Miley purposely took the cutout from a fan for the song. You can see a photo of Miley holding the Gomez cutout here at Miley Nation.

In the YouTube clip below which originated on Gossip Cop, it does appear as if Miley did willingly take it from a fan after she spotted it.

"I don't really have much to say, I was over it the second that I saw her name," Miley sang while holding the cutout. She then threw the cutout back into the crowd before she continued, "I've got two letters for you, one of them is 'F' and the other ones 'U.'"

We're not sure if Miley was purposely trying to say 'FU' to Gomez, or if it was all just Miley being Miley. Either way, it goes to show you that you still can't predict just what Miley Cyrus' next move will be.

She continues to travel Europe for her Bangerz Tour while returning to the United States in August to make up for her missed dates while sick.

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