Miley Cyrus and long hair are never, ever getting back together.

The singer/actress/former Hannah Montana star has revealed in an E! interview that she doesn't miss having long hair or dealing with high maintenance extensions. She loves her short strands and will be keeping them forever. So it's buh-bye to long locks when it comes to Miley's mane.

"It is so weird seeing me with long hair," she said, reflecting on her former 'do. "I do not like looking back at it. I wished someone would have ripped those out of my head. The extension thing is so not cute. I hate it."

When prodded and asked if she missed her luxe and lengthy locks, she flat out dismissed such a notion. "I do not miss that, in any way. I felt like I ended up having a bun every day of my life," Cyrus, who orchestrated a newsstand takeover with her Cosmo cover, said.

She is happy with her punk pixie look, and so is her man, Liam Hemsworth. "I love it," she said. "My fiancé loves it. I am feeling it. It's so much easier to shave the sides once a week rather than getting your roots done when you have long hair. With short hair, the messier it is, the better it looks."

She promised she'll remain short and shaved and the only way it'll get longer is "maybe in a grow out process…but I could never see myself having long, long hair again."

Anyone want to check back in like a year and see what length Miley's at? Just playin' devil's advocate.

When she was extended an invite to appear on E!'s 'Fashion Police,' Cyrus said she would be the good cop, proclaiming, "I would say nice stuff, since I have some sketchy choices in fashion so I'm not going to hate on anyone that's sketch."

How refreshing!

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