Rumors that Miley Cyrus is involved with Victoria's Secret model Stella Maxwell just gained more credibility: TMZ has shared video of the alleged couple going at it in public on Tuesday night (June 30).

Miley's decked out in a sequined gold minidress and thigh-high black boots in the clip, and the gossip site reports that the footage was taken on the set of a video shoot. So, regardless of Miley's current relationship status, we might be seeing a new video soon — and given producer Mike Will Made It's claim that she's "switching up" her sound, this is exciting news.

You can watch the video of the two sharing their publicly private moment, along with screen caps for in-depth scrutiny, here. As they share an affectionate embrace, the two clearly notice the cameras. Miley pushes Stella up against the side of a trailer and — despite, or perhaps because of, their audience — they commence a round of tonsil hockey. There's even some waist-level action that TMZ tastefully blurred out. When some friends come to interrupt their sexy time, Miley smacks the trailer in jokey "can I live?" frustration.

Miley recently told TIME magazine that, like so many of us, she's struggled to find someone she can connect with romantically. “F—ing is easy—you can find someone to f— in five seconds,” she offered. “We want to find someone we can talk to. And be ourselves with. That’s fairly slim pickings.”

So, are the two in love, are they keeping things casual and cool for the summer, or were they just baiting gawkers with a good show? It does seem like things are looking up in Miley's love life.

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