Posing in the buff with a pig was certainly a new look for the fearless Miley Cyrus, but the venture may soon pale in comparison with the changes she's got in store for her sound.

Cyrus, whose 2013 Bangerz ushered in a completely new era for the singer (pair anything on the album against "When I Look at You" and you'll be sure you've stumbled upon two different artists), will experience a second musical-metamorphosis, producer Mike Will Made It told MTV News.

"We work like yin and yang,” he said on the BET Awards red carpet on Sunday (June 28). “So, we just working on a lot of stuff. We’ve got like eight or 10 songs recorded. So, we’re just gonna pick the best songs to go on the album."

"It’s gonna be interesting though,” he added. “Her whole sound is switching up. You know what I’m saying? It’s crazy."

And whatever that sound may be, the "Adore You" singer is putting in the time to ensure it meets her standards.

"I'm in the studio every day at my house," she told Entertainment Tonight in January. "Just when I think I have my record done, something new happens where I want to write about it."

Excited to hear Miley tackle a whole new frontier? Tell us what you'd hope to hear from her new project.

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