Miley Cyrus has devoted the majority of her time to furthering LGBTQ-related causes lately. She's also been open about her own gender fluidity and the fact that not all of her relationships have been "straight, heterosexual" ones. Now, rumors abound that she may be dating a woman — a gorgeous Victoria's Secret Angel, no less.

According to the NY Daily News, Cyrus has been linked to New Zealand model Stella Maxwell. Wholly unsubstantiated, anonymous "pals" refer to the pair as a "couple," and "a spy who has spent time with the pair says they have the easy affection of people who have been dating for months." Beware of pesky relationship "spies" peering into your windows with their giant magnifying glass, Miley!

“They hold hands and hug and are very comfortable together. They’re definitely together,” this unnamed source told the NY Daily News.

The paper reports that the two met through Miley's best friend and assistant, Cheyne Thomas, though Maxwell joked to V magazine that they actually met on Grindr.

Granted, one could reach — keyword being "reach"— for similar conclusions just by how often they've appeared in each other's Instagram feeds over the past few weeks. This photo from five weeks ago shows Miley and Stella getting cozy at what appears to be Miley's raunchy Adult Swim party performance. But they're also with Miley's frequent companion Katy Weaver in the picture. There are plenty of Instagram shots showing Miley and Katy being super-affectionate (like this one) but it's platonic — Katy dates Miley's collaborator Wayne Coyne.

New couple or just super-close friends? Only time will tell, but as any aging white rocker dude could tell you, dating a leggy model is a veritable rite of passage for a musician.


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