Miley Cyrus' latest photo shoot for Terry Richardson, who directed her 'Wrecking Ball' video, is her raciest and raunchiest yet. We know, that's saying a lot, since Miss Miley has been letting it all hang out as of late.

The photos are NSFW and the poses are provocative. They're also a little creepy, which, we might add, her previous shoot for the famed, bespectacled photographer also was.

Miley eating ice cream isn't exactly sexual, but she and Richardson are trying to further that notion with the picture.

The variety of poses go a little something like this:

  • Sucking her thumb and grabbing her crotch
  • Posing topless
  • Wearing lacy pantyhose leaving little to the imagination below the belt
  • Donning a see-through sweater with full nipple view
  • Licking a mirror
  • A crazy red bodysuit that could double as a sex toy

If you thought her controversial Vanity Fair photos with her dad Billy Ray Cyrus were cray cray, get ready to find your jaw on the floor.