Those rumors about Miley Cyrus and Rolling Stone photographer Theo Wenner, son of the mag's publisher Jann Wenner? They're back, with a source declaring that they are "definitely dating."

Cyrus, who just split with fiancé Liam Hemsworth last month, is said to be texting with Wenner several times per day. Their relationship is casual, but she has the hots for him, according to the insider.

“She’s definitely dating him,” the source said. "Miley talks about how hot Theo is and how nice he’s been to her. She’s definitely completely in lust with him."

Hot and nice – what a combo!

Cyrus, 20, supposedly ditched her album release party for 'Bangerz' on Oct. 8 to rendezvous with Wenner, 26, at the Plaza. The photog, who once dated actress Liv Tyler, was absent from those festivities but Miley still made a beeline for him, according to reports. That surprises us, since she's been adamant about work coming first.

"She said she’s never met anyone as sweet as Theo,” the source said. Yeah, well she's 20 and has plenty of time to meet sweet dudes.

Wenner was an intern before becoming a photog for the mag. The fact that he shares DNA with the guy at the top of the masthead likely didn't hurt his chances of securing the gig.

She also shared an image of her breakfast, saying she would wake and bake. So Mary Jane came over for some morning munchies? Whatever that is, it's not appetizing. Is it a weed pizza or something? Looks like it...

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Is Nicki Minaj worried about this? Probs not. Miley raps about twerking like she raised in Atlanta and talks about Molly. Is that just a diction thing, like she said about 'We Can't Stop?'

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