Another week… Another topless Miley Cyrus selfie!

The 21-year-old pop star has a track record of posting half-naked photos to her social media accounts, so her most recent spree of somewhat provocative pics shouldn’t be too surprising for her fans.

Earlier today she posted a photo of herself wrapped in what looks like nothing but her bed cover, surrounded by her army of pups, including the most recent addition, Emu. She wrote: “forgotwhatilookedlikenotinchrome,” referring to her obsession with wacky photo filters.

She also posted a snapshot of herself in bed — still topless — with Emu lying beside her. She captioned the sweet pic, “besties.”

Last in her bedside photo shoot features Miley staring up at the camera, sticking her tongue out in a pose we’re very familiar with these days. According to the ‘Wrecking Ball’ star, her “#eyeballsaregettingwhitefromsomanyvitamins.”

In with the topless selfies and out with the space bar for Miley!

What do you think of her topless photo shoot, Smilers?

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